A sneak peek at office chairs

An office chair as the name suggests is a chair that is meant for use at a desk office. Usually, they have a set of wheels to allow for mobility and a height that can be adjusted. Additionally, they have armrests and back support. These are specifically important as they help prevent repetitive stress injuries as well as back pains that are usually associated with sitting for prolonged periods of time. These important office furniture items are products of the mid 19th century. Since then, they have evolved over time and today deciding on an office chair in NZ can prove tasking for they come in different makes and designs.

Types of chairs

The market is flooded with many types of office chairs today. Among the most common is a task chair. These don’t offer any kind of support to the head or lumbar. They as a result cannot be sat on for a long time as they can get uncomfortable. They, however, give room for movement in comparison to other high end chairs.

Then there are mid back chairs that typically offer a fuller back support. They are more comfortable, and thus, a person can sit on them for longer periods.

Another common type of office chair is the executive, otherwise known as full back chair that gives both head and back support. While they are the most expensive office chairs, they offer the most kind of comfort.

Things to consider when selecting a chair

Finding the chair for each individual in an office is illogical. What is logical is finding chairs that are fully adjustable so everyone can adjust to meet their structures. While choosing a chair, therefore, ensure that controls are easily operated at a sitting position. A seat also that does not pressure the back of thighs or knees and has a backrest that is designed to support the owners back is a good choice. Also find a chair that’s suitable for the kind of flooring in your office, especially when it comes to their wheels. Pay attention to the armrests too to ensure they don’t interfere with free movements within the workstation.


For a long time, an office chair in NZ with armrests has been advised against in office settings. This is attributed to the fact that they can sometimes harbor users from getting close enough to the desks. However there are armrests that are short today that can allow users to move their chairs much close to their workstations. Armrests can provide a place to rest arms and relieve the shoulders and neck off some of the stress. Therefore, don’t lock this important aspect of your office chair just yet.

In every office setting, it is the wish of all occupants to have comfort, so they can be optimally productive. As most time in a day is spent in an office setting, sitting, the comfort of seats should be of utmost priority. Therefore, take your time and look for the most comfortable office chair in NZ for your workers so that they can be maximally productive.