Tips for a rich experience on Phillip Island and when watching the Penguin Parade

One of the drawbacks of booking guided tours is that many places and attractions are crammed into one trip that you have limited time to spend on each. It’s a race that you didn’t sign up for. Well, if you want to see the Phillip Island Penguin Parade and enjoy it to the fullest, find out how on the website

Meet The Little Penguin Bus that will take you to the world of penguins and watch them strut their tails at your leisure.

A trip to Phillip Island is not something that should be rushed. There are plenty of things you can do and explore while you’re there. The Penguin Parade is just one of the highlights.

So it makes a lot of sense to just focus solely on Phillip Island than do anything else in a day. Give yourself time to truly enjoy what this amazing place has to offer.

To get the most out of your experience, read the information on the homepage of The Little Penguin Bus, then check out the rest of this article for more details.

When does the Penguin Parade start?

At sunset every night for the whole year-round. It’s best that you reach the island at least an hour before then. With the many attractions on Phillip Island, however, you might want to make a day of it and not just visit in time for the Penguin Parade.

How can you have the best experience on Phillip Island?

Go with a smaller bus

Doing so means less waiting time for other passengers, more time to reach different sightseeing spots and linger, and more personalised guided tour.

Overall, you’re going to have rich experience with a bus tour in small groups.

Time your visit right

Weekends tend to be crowded, so visit during weekdays. You should also take note of when the sun sets at a particular season. Sunsets are early during winter. During summer, you can afford to leave from Melbourne at around 3 in the afternoon.

Go for pre-arranged tours

Really, do you want to be doing all the work when someone else can do it for you? When you book with a tour provider, you only to provide them with the required details and they’ll take care of the rest, from the tickets to other arrangements.

Dos and Don’ts during the Penguin Parade


  • Dress for the weather and bring a thick hooded jacket that is windproof.
  • Bring a scarf and headwear (cap or beanie) to keep your neck and head warm, respectively.
  • Wear a sensible pair of socks, gloves, and shoes.
  • It can get chilly when the sun sets, so it’s best to bundle up or layer your clothes.


  • Be impatient. Penguins might take time to come out.
  • Stand up or do anything that will block other people’s view. You’re not the only who bought tickets, you know.
  • Take photographs. It’s a policy you must follow.
  • Don’t panic if you arrive later than the start of the viewing time. The Penguin Parade tends to last for at least an hour.

To ensure you don’t get pulled away from the event because your tour bus has to leave. Book a bus with a small group. Take as much time to enjoy Phillip Island and the Penguin Parade.

Browse through the website for more tour information.

Looking for Expert Air Conditioning Technicians? Check Out These Pointers

Finding dependable air conditioning experts these days can be challenging. Unless you truly have a close friend who also happens to be an expert in air conditioning repair and maintenance, it is hard to put your trust on somebody you just met simply because you require assistance. Numerous experts in air conditioning Croydon has these days have no clue how to run their businesses and how to keep their customers patronise their services.
Image result for air conditioning croydon
Being an expert technician in air conditioning Croydon has today goes past beyond abilities and skills. Technicians have to ensure that the services they offer are of top quality and that they are also able to market their own services to attract more clients.
The following are characteristics of experts in air conditioning Croydon wide that you should look for if you need to have your air conditioning units repaired or maintained.
1. Possess Good Communication Skills. Being a natural communicator isn’t required if you are a Croydon air conditioning technician. However, it will help you gain more clients if you know how to convey your ideas and work with other experts. Click here Rapid Cold
2. Innovative. A reliable pro for air conditioning in Croydon is not intimidated by technology and uses it to his advantage. He is not hesitant to use the social media platform to market his service and set client appointments when needed.
3. Possess Good Work Ethics. A reliable technician for air conditioner repair and maintenance possesses good work ethics. He knows how to value time and therefore, finishes the job on schedule. He also shows up on the scheduled appointment and calls in advance just in case the appointment needs to be canceled.
4. Humble. A good air conditioning expert you should look for is someone who is humble. He owns up to his mistakes if any, and apologizes whenever necessary. Afterward, he corrects his mistakes in a timely manner.
5. Thinks Ahead. Not all air conditioning technicians have a goal in mind. Look for someone who is not content to simply settle being a technician but someone who aims to have his own air conditioning repair and maintenance company one day. These are the people who will work harder to get the job done.
The trick is to set up a checklist of the qualities you are looking for when you want to hire experts in air conditioning units. You can get recommendations from friends or family members who have tried their services in the past and are satisfied with the outcome. If you want to do the maintenance yourself, you can try out these steps below:
  • Inspect the Thermostat. Check your indoor thermostat to ensure that it’s working properly so your home can have the correct temperature. If you have an older, mechanical sort indoor thermostat, consider buying a programmable one for you to adequately set the temperature.
  • Replace the AC filters. Replacing your AC filters is one fundamental maintenance chore for homeowners. This should be done on a monthly basis during crest seasons like summer and winter and just once during fall and spring.
  • Clean the outside Unit. Never endeavor to clean the outside unit unless you have turned off the power and unplugged the unit. You can use a standard garden hose to wash out debris that accumulated on the outer unit. This is crucial if your outside unit is surrounded by plants or shrubs. Keep them trimmed to maintain good airflow.
The above are some helpful tips you can maintain your air conditioning units at home. However, if you experience problems in your air conditioning units, make sure to find air conditioning Croydon technicians offer to have your units repaired. Take note of the tips above when looking for expert technicians to ensure quality work. You can also visit for more details.