Cosmetic tattooing: Non-surgical options to improve your appearance and boost your confidence.

Contrary to the misconceptions surrounding plastic surgery, you do not have to ‘go under the knife’ to enhance your appearance or tone down the effects of some medical conditions. Cosmetic plastic surgery includes both surgical and non-surgical procedures that supplement medical practices. For example, the non-surgical procedures in semi-permanent makeup Melbourne specialists offer for breast cancer survivors.

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Cosmetic tattooing is a paramedical practice.

Cosmetic tattooing is also micro pigmentation, permanent make-up, and semi-permanent make-up. Lately it’s become a popular practice as a supplement to medical treatment that corrects some changes a medical procedure such as breast surgery can cause and affect your appearance. To get a qualified specialist in semi-permanent makeup Melbourne has, ensure they are accredited by an authoritative body such as CT-AIVEP. Some paramedical practices of cosmetic tattooing help:

  1. Getting back your breast(s) after a mastectomy/lumpectomy procedure.

Breast cancer like any other cancer is a draining experience and surviving it requires one to re-learn to live normally again. One way to get back your confidence after losing your breast(s) is to undergo reconstructive surgery that restores one or both breast(s) to near normal size and shape. Afterward, these procedures offered by professionals in semi-permanent makeup Melbourne has, enhance the appearance and symmetry of the breast(s) at least 6 months into the healing period.

  • Improving and matching the color and appearance of damaged or uneven areolas.
  • Rebuilding nipple(s) and areola where pigment creates the appearance of a nipple or areola.
  • Disguising the daunting scar(s) using camouflaging tattooing techniques.
  1. Battling the physical adverse effects of skin conditions.

Conditions like vitiligo that affect the melanin levels in your skin can be helped by toning the affected areas to blend with the surrounding area. Toning and blending are some of the paramedical tattooing techniques which qualified, semi-permanent make-up Melbourne professionals apply. More information brand name: Designer Cosmetic Tattooing

  1. Enhancing the appearance of the scalp for those affected by baldness, thinning hair and alopecia. The services for semi-permanent make-up in Melbourne also care for hair loss and related conditions using scalp micro pigmentation techniques.

Cosmetic tattooing is used to replace some make-up routine applications.                                             

 Make-up tattooing is an alternative to some daily make-up routines and it eases the burden of looking good. Features that Melbourne semi-permanent makeup specialists work on are your eyes, mouth (lips), and facial characterization. They involve:

  • Eyebrow designs to define the shape of your face and enhance the eyes.
  • Enhancing the shape and fullness of your lips.
  • Redefining your features with beauty spots and cosmetic freckle tattooing.

Cosmetic tattooing is ideal if you:

  • Want to have waterproof alternatives.
  • Have sensitive reactions to make-up.
  • Have a physical condition that affects your ability to apply makeup, for example, cataracts, severe arthritis and movement disorders.
  • Want to reduce the time you spend on make-up.

Important facts to know about micro pigmentation procedures…

  1. Men and women can do it.
  2. Always research the doctor you intend to contact.
  3. Micro-pigmentation can be done in an office setting.
  4. Swelling in the treated region is normal. Your doctor should advise you on how to manage it.
  5. Follow-up care may be required and should be discussed in the consultation stage.
  6. Your health insurance does NOT cover these procedures.

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